Cement Silo Price

Cement silo is the important component of concrete batching plants. It is prone to wear in high frequency and high strength production conditions. The cement silo has a cylindrical structure, and the bottom is supported by four round tube legs. Besides, the entire silo is welded by steel structure. There are a dust collector and a pressure safety valve on the top.

Cement Silo Structure Features:

1. Cement silo is a necessary tool for concrete mixing plant, which usually match with other machines.
2. Cement silo is a quite good choice for bulk cement, dry fly ash, which has the advantages of rainproof, moisture-proof, convenient use. And SRON can provide customized cement silos for sale  according to your demands.
3. Normally, cement silo has a cylinder support structure. There is a dust catcher in the top part of cement silo, which can avoid dust leakage. And broken arch system and level indicator is equipped in the bottom, which can make fluent discharging and monitor material level anytime.
4.Generally, the materials are put into cement silo through cement transmit truck. And there are two ways of discharging according to the structure of concrete silo. If the cement silo is connected with screw conveyor, materials will be sent to material measuring system through screw conveyor. The other one is pneumatic conveying. and wheel type cement silo can move flexibly, which is quite convenient.

Influencing factors of cement silo price

Cement silo are also called bulk cement silos. We know that the cement silo price is not fixed. The common factors that affect the price of the bulk cement silo are the production cost of the enterprise, the transportation cost, the installation cost of the workers, the enterprise benefit, etc. but because of the particularity of the cement warehouse industry, now our cement tank manufacturers will introduce the unconventional factors of the price of the bulk cement silo to you.
1.the price of cement.
Because the bulk cement silo is mainly used to store concrete products such as cement, the price of cement also directly affects the price of cement silo.
Take the decline of cement price in 2010 as an example, many concrete mixing plant enterprises have reduced production, the demand for cement in the whole market has also been greatly reduced, and the price of cement silo has also been plummeting.
Therefore, it can be said that the price of bulk cement silo is in a positive proportion to the price of cement.
Cement Silo Price

Large scale climate change also affects the price of cement silos.

Take the continuous heavy rainfall and strong wind weather in South China in 2007 as an example. With the continuous climate, the cement and other concrete products in the cement silo of many concrete mixing plant enterprises are unable to leave the warehouse. Gradually, more and more concrete products are piled up. Sometimes, the cement warehouse is blown down due to strong wind. Moreover, the cement warehouse that has not been blown up is gradually affected by moisture, so the mixing plant enterprises have to strengthen on the one hand rainproof and windproof measures for cement silo.
Increase the purchase volume of cement warehouse and store the products in the cement warehouse.
Due to the increase of market demand, the price of cement warehouse keeps rising in a certain period of time.
It can be said that the longer such unconventional climate disasters last, the more likely the price of cement warehouse will rise in this period.

Affordable Cement Silo Price

When purchasing cement silo for sale, most of the clients will hesitate to place order due to the surprisingly high price. If so, SRON is an ideal choice for you. “Customers First” is our most principal working principle, and we make efforts to provide clients with the best and cheapest silos.
1. We have professional experts to design and manufacture the silos. There are more than 10 engineers and experts working in SRON. Therefore, we can guarantee that we will provide our clients with best equipment. Moreover, our factory occupies more than 50 thousand square meters. And we manufacture and sell many machines to our country and foreign countries. In this way, we will save much costs on innovating and manufacturing. There is no doubt that you will get the machine at the most reasonable price.
2. The clients will get the equipment from our enterprise instead of other agency. Some of the clients have purchased the machines from the agency, and they costed more money. In fact, the clients had better to purchase the manufacturer instead of the agency. If so, it is helpful for the clients to save cement silo cost.
3. In order to assure the best quality, we have rigorous inspection in each link. We all know that the play significant role in construction projects. In order to guarantee the quality of cement silos, we will check the quality of the elements in each link. So we can make sure that all of our equipment meets the standard.
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