Coal Silo

The technology of coal storage silo is often used in power plants and coal mines. Concrete silos and steel silos are both usually used as coal storage silos. A concrete silo requires a long construction period and high investment, but a steel silo can be quickly built with less budgets.

Advantages of Our Coal Silo:

► Good overall performance, long service life: spiral seaming edge five times the parent metal thickness, which greatly strengthens the silos’body resistance to load capacity; its stability and strength service life are better than that of other steel silos. 
► Good air-tightness, extensive usage: this seaming by special equipment bending forming , sealing performance is especially good; can be used in granular, powder, grain storage ; avoid external humidity influence in inside materials, and at the same time can satisfy the insecticidal, fumigation etc. process requirement, and can also be used to store liquid objects.
► Short construction time, low installing cost: the silo body weight is equivalent to 1/6 of concrete silo with same volume , which greatly reduce the basic cost; at the same time extremely short construction period.
► Equipped with full set auxiliary according customer’s requirement: the silo equipped with conveyor, material level monitor, dust remover, etc. All auxiliary depended on the storage material.
Coal Silo

How To Avoid Coal Silo Dust Explosion 

Coal stored in steel silos for a long time is prone to spontaneous combustion. In the process of spontaneous combustion, it not only releases heat, but also combustible gas in different content. When the temperature, the concentration of combustible gas, and dust concentration reach ro a certain value, the steel silo will explode. So it is necessary for us to take measures to prevent such accidents.
Enter the inert gas in the steel silo to reduce mixture of dust and combustible gas. Destroy the combustion condition of coal dust and flammable gas to avoid explosion.
Establish a ventilation system and use an insulation system to extend the coal storage cycle.
Establish GD2000 combustible gas detector, and use it with the combustible gas alarm controller to form a silo safety inspection system to detect abnormal conditions in time and accurately. When there is combustible gas in the silo, the detector can immediately send out the electrical signal which is proportional to the content of the combustible gas in the air. Signal transmitted to the alarm controller can display (or record) the concentration of combustible gas in the air, at the same time sent out sound, light alarm and control signal, so as to ensure the safety of production, to avoid the occurrence of malignant events.

How to Avoid Coal Spontaneous Combustion In Coal Silo

Due to the special nature of coal, it is very prone to spontaneous combustion, the following measures can be used to prevent.
Adding insulation layer outside the silo wall. In northern China, the winter is very cold, the insulation layer out of the silo wall can prevent the coal from freezing and agglomeration. Also can prevent steel silo in the southern region because of the high temperature out side the silo caused coal in the silo heating up too fast caused spontaneous combustion of coal. Heat insulating material usually use rock wool attached with color steel plate outside.
Steel silo has complete ventilation system. To prevent coal spontaneous combustion, must reduce the temperature inside the silo, so the construction of ventilation system is the necessary condition of the silo. At the bottom of the steel silo set the ventilator, through the Ventilating duct leading-in the outside dry cold air to the ventilation geosyncline vent pipe, using the diffusion of gas continuous heat exchange with coal in silo, timely discharge the hot gas in silo to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature. The roof of Lipp Silo all installation explosion proof vent, AQZZ series steel silo pressure release device, can achieve some ventilation explosion-proof effect.
Using temperature measuring cable to detect the temperature of coal in silo. When the temperature reaches the set value, the alarm signal is sent out.
Enter the inert gas in the silo to prevent coal spontaneous combustion or dust explosion.

Coal Silo Why Choose SRON

SRON is a leading manufacturer of Coal Silo for more than 20 years, which has produced a great deal of silos for the domestic and foreign customers and received high praise. we has been appraised as Member of China steel silo industry, research center of bulk cement equipment industry and qualified contractor for China National Reserve.Our excellent designers who have about 20 years' experience can design the steel silo according to customers' needs.Any Coal Storage Silo question,please contact us.
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