Lime Silo

Lime Silo Brief

Lime silo is also called lime container, lime tank, mobile silo which is an cylindrical steel vessel, capacity is from 100 ton up 10000 ton. This lime powder silo is made of double side guavanized steell sheet and adopts Germany Lipp technology, which ensure the silo have long working period.

Features Of Lime Silo:

► Great strength, quick installation and good sealing effect and are suitable for the storage of pellet, power and liquid materials.
► Ventilation system includes natural ventilation vents, suction fan, ventilation blower, ventilation channel with net sheets.
► Equipped with conveyor, monitoring, drying and ventilation devices and this makes the storage safer and more automatic.
Lime Silo

The Advantage Of Our Lime Silo 

Low Investment
High Accuracy
High Automation
Waterproof and Anti-corrosion
Good Leakproofness and Damp Proof
Easy Maintenance 
Wide Manufacturing Range
Professional Working Team
Excellent After-sales Service

Lime Silo’s Operating Considerations

Lime in storage and transportation should be paid attention to fire prevention, explosion proof. Because of quick lime slaking under the influence of water will release a large amount of heat, be care to prevent burn out transport or start a fire.
Quick lime can't be stored with inflammable, explosive and liquid goods, in case of causing fire and explosion.
Avoid contact with acids content, and shorter operation time, the better.
Pay attention to respiratory protection while working, wear with dustproof fibers overalls, gloves, airtight and dustproof glasses, smear ointment containing fat, in order to prevent dust from entering.
Prohibit eating, once entry, rinse with water immediately and seek treatment ( remember that can't drink).
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