Sand Silos

Sand Silo Brief

SRON offers a full range of Sand Storage Silos. Unlike corrugated steel silos, SRON’s Sand Storage Silos are bolt free and do not have any hangups. These silos are engineered for 95 lbs./cu.ft., with capacities up to 3000-MT/silo.  SRON will build any size to meet your specific needs, with common portable sizes ranging from 150-MT to 350-MT.

Sand Silo Features

1.Heavy Duty design and build
2.Powder Coat superior finish
3.Min. 40 degree bottom cone and 35 degree roof cone
4.24” clearance under the slide gate
5.Retractable ladder
Sand Silos

Sand Silo Applications

1.Frac Sand
2.Frac Sand Flour
3.TransLoad locations
4.Staging areas
5.Rail Sidings
6.Sand Mine

SRON Sand Storage Silo benefits:

Fast construction with minimal amount space required
Flexible designs
Bolted panels shipped on custom made pallets, which match the rise on cord for your tank, allowing to ship more per load than most other manufacturers.
Project Managers, assigned to your project, work closely with Engineering, Drafting and Manufacturing to ensure constant and consistent communication throughout the project.
Quick turn around
Economical pricing
First class customer service
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