Steel Cement Silo

SRON is considered as one of the renowned steel cement silo manufacturers in china that offers pre-fabricated and customized storage solutions for different applications. We are in the business of providing engineered solutions for bulk materials handling and manufacture equipment designed using the industry’s best practice.We manufacture highly durable Steel Cement Storage Silos to fill the requirements of construction, engineering and process industries. 
Steel Cement Silo

Steel Cement Silo For Sale Types:

According to the transportation method, we can divide them into welded type and bolted type.
Welded-type cement silo (20t to 100t) are welded well in the production area and exported as finished products. Small cement silo whose capacity various from 20t to 100t is usually welded type. However, it should be noted that,  If export by container, the silo capacity above 50 ton should be made as bolted-type which is easy to transport.

Steel Cement Silo For Sale Technology parameter:

Capacitt Tank diameter
Tank height
Whole height
Cone height(m)
50T 3 5.4 12 2.7 2.6
80T 3 9 15.6 3.8 2.6
100T 3 10.4 18 4.2 2.6
150T 3 13.51 19 5.8 2.6
200T 4.5 18.6 25.2 7.6 3.8
300T 4.5 24.6 29.5 8 4.8

Daily maintenance of steel cement silo

Check whether the bag inside the dust collector needs to be replaced. If the dust collector adopts differential pressure control, look at the pressure difference table directly.
Check the dust removal system according to the different dust collectors, there are mainly mechanical dust removal mechanisms and pulse cleaning mechanisms.
As to the power system, check whether the induced draft fan is running normally.
Check the sealing performance to prevent air leakage.
At present, we mainly provide the steel cement silo for sale with following capacity: 30Ton, 50 Ton, 80 Ton, 100 Ton, 150 Ton, 200 Ton, 300 Ton and so on. The 50 ton cement silo is one of the most popular one. If you select the machines from SRON, you will get the affordable machines. What the most important is that we will recommend the most suitable silo for you
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