Welded Silo

Welded Silo Brief

We offer welded storage silo up to 16 ft. in diameter and heights over 100 ft.All Welded Storage Tanks and Tube Type Blenders are one-piece construction. Our Welded Storage Silos are available in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, thus minimizing field assembly and installation time. Our Welded Storage Silos and Storage Tanks have several different applications, including liquids, plastic resins, food products, dry chemicals, minerals, wood waste & misc.

Welded Silo Features

Shop Weld Construction
Applications: Liquids, plastic resins, food products, dry chemicals, minerals, wood waste & other miscellaneous dry product
- Hopper capacities under 10,000 cubic feet
- Liquid storage up to 80,000 gallons
- Shop controlled quality
- One piece tank construction
- Factory applied coating systems
- Increased freight cost to the jobsite
- Less field installation requirements
Welded Silo

Welded silo Parameters

Height (m) 19 24 28 29.5 32 34 36.5 40 100
Diameter (m) Volume (m3)
21 5000                
26   10000              
29     15000            
32.5       20000          
35         25000        
37           30000      
40.5             40000    
43               50000  
116                 100000

Bolted Smoothwall RTP Construction

-Hopper capacities from 1000 – 100,000 cubic feet
-Liquid storage up to 8.2 million gallons
-Shop controlled quality
-Modular construction requires bolted field assembly
-Decreased field installation timeframe
-Factory applied powder coating systems

Welded Silo Why Choose SRON

SRON is considered as one of the renowned Welded Silo in china that offers pre-fabricated and customized storage solutions for different applications. We are in the business of providing engineered solutions for bulk materials handling and manufacture equipment designed using the industry’s best practice.We manufacture highly durable Steel Cement Storage Silos to fill the requirements of construction, engineering and process industries. If you have any Welded Silo requirement, please just tell us.

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