Wood Pellet Silo

Wood Pellet Silo Brief

Wood pellet silo is the equipment used to store large quantity of wood pellets. SRON is a reliable manufacturer of storage silos and we can offer ideal and cost-effective solution for a wide range of industries depending on your specific storage needs. Custom made pellet silos are available. SRON silos are known for stable structure and competitive price. Feel free to contact us for further information!

Wood Pellet Silo Features

1.High strength
2.Good sealing function
3.Small area occupancy
4.Long working life
5.Nice appearance
6.High precision
7.High automation
8.Wide storage
9.Easy maintenance
Wood Pellet Silo

Wood Pellets Storage Silo Application

The finished pellets are stored ready for delivery in corrugated metal silos up to and over 30 m high. Larger storage volumes allow the supplier to better respond to the increased demand during the heating season and utilize the production equipment continuously throughout the year. For optimal planning of material logistics, a reliable measurement of silo contents is a must.
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